I think it is safe to assume that everyone feared the dark at some point or another in their colourful lives. We have always associated the dark to danger, something unknown that threatens our safety and grabs our feet when they are not under the warmy blankets. I had that fear, it was not cool and I think it made me pee in bed as a child (this or a very large watermelon). As adults, most of the people (me – more or less) have learned that there is no bogeyman hiding under the bed or monsters waiting to jump out of closets when they see fit to jump out or closets. They have learned that creatures were only made of shadows that can be eliminated by light. They realize that the dark is not scary. It does not equal a jungle or a forest where one has a high rate mortality and can die. A jungle, also, does not include having many plants around or in the house. And we had the ability to aknowledge that by ourselves. 

These days, treasuring people, loved people and important stuff in life, my thoughts are not those of a child anymore and I assume that you, reading these lines of mine, share my thoughts, too. I’m thinking now that it takes a lot, a huge amount of courage to say “I will,” but you know what? It takes even a lot more to exclaim the “I already have.” I figured no one is really entirely indifferent; everyone has something to care about. Secretly we go deep into our own chambers and ensure that the thing we treasure most is still there, like a lovely hand that you grab at night while you are sleeping, ensuring and fearing that it will not leave your premises. Even vagabonds have somewhere to return; even the most reckless person on Earth has someone he wants to keep safe and even the roughest has someone he is gentle to; everyone has their own place of comfort.

We are thought that all is good in life and in most of the movies if we just assume the good. The dilemma arises when we feel a breaking point approaching or we are thrown into confusion, choosing between two roads or more. It’s easy to say or dream that nobody should reach that point, especially for the loved ones. Sometimes, the inevitable will happen and when it does the only question to ask is: Can you go through this fucked up case without having to be saved? And I think and I dream and I am certain we all need to be saved, one way or another. A hero should appear or you can become one if you are worthy enough. A hero that is not meant to send criminals to prison; a hero that is made to save, inbetween saving the precious things in our lives, a hero who can save us from ourselves. Our own fears are reflected on murderers, robbers and natural evil of which we always feel helpless, unable to change destiny. Just as heroes arrive at the nick of time to save us before being killed, we are surrounded by people who can help us. Even if the job of a hero is not meant to save you every day or save you for every single difficulty, what the heroes have saved is for you to maintain and maybe if you are strong enough, get you better at things and become the hero that you need to be.

For you and for others who need you.

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