I find myself looking here at me and telling myself to do all the things I want to and pursue that rushing wave, that stormy motivation that comes from time to time to people. Things that make somewhat sense of what is in my heart. But hey, this is it, I have plans to do and here’s a list:

Someday, I want to read out loud or on a normal voice some of my favorite books as audio books. It can be the biggest novel ever or just some brocchures for kids, I don’t care.

Someday, I’m going to be a published author. I have the plot, but I don’t have the courage? It’s like meeting the crush of your life and afraid to say hi.

Someday, I’m going to travel the world. Or more of the world. Holding hands with the globe in our eyes and with the sould of you.

Someday, I’m going to paint that image in my head.

Someday, I will do everything I want if things fall into their places.

Most of the time, I hear myself say “if it’s the perfect timing”. But what if the perfect timing is now? What if I am to do it now? What if time is just waiting for me or you to start that biggest project you’ve always wanted to do? There is no wrong in waiting for perfect timing. What is wrong is waiting forever. Time won’t just put that in a silver platter and serve it to you. But I know that time will direct and help you if you do it now.

There are many people who waited and waited for someday and sadly, that someday never came. We always wait for it like it is promised. Someday is just a false hope that let people believe they have a lot of time. With that, we became vicious in taking people and things for granted. Someday makes us live our lives meaninglessly. We focus our energy to things that won’t matter after you’re dead.

If you are hungry and thirsty, do you wait for someday and somebody to get you food and water? No. You decide you want it now and fetch yourself some food and water to satisfy your hunger and thirst. It is just the same thing in doing what you love. You don’t need somebody to do it and you definitely don’t need to wait for someday to come for you to do the things that you really crave in life.

Feed your hungry little heart in travelling the world and seeing the places you’ve always wanted to set your feet into.

Quench that thirst with a hundred and fifty books as your 2017 goal.

Pamper your soul with bits and pieces of madness that drive you crazy.

Paint what is in your mind. The nakedness that lives in your head that the world needs to see. The sadness that was formed during your childhood is now ready to be set free from its abyss. The world needs your art to save the aching souls of many.

Write everything. Save the friends that you have in your mind. They need to be written in the blank pages and find their own story. There are a lot of people who are in need of a friend who can understand them and with that, you can give them a friend.

Start to work where you like and what you have always wanted. The world needs people like you who can make profit and also help others in the process. You can give jobs to people. You can be your own boss.

Enroll yourself to that class you have always wanted to take in college. Educate yourself. It is not too late.

Study foreign languages. Read Shakespeare or those books you can’t seem to find time to read. Live at the top of a coffee shop where you plant organic vegetables in your windowsill.

Call your friends you haven’t talk to for quite a while. Invite them to dinner you prepared just for them. Drink that wine until the sun rises. Laugh with them until all of you sobs because of the problem you can’t handle in your own.

Sleep for 24 hours if you want. Call your parents and say I love you. Say “hi” first to people you don’t know. Do not be afraid.

Change your mind to doing it now instead of waiting for someday to come.

Don’t wait for someday if you can do it now.

Life is never promised for someday but surely, it is promised today.

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